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Whether you are shipping large LTL that must be delivered on a flatbed or stepdeck trailer or one pallet that must be shipped on an enclosed trailer, we can arrange the right truck to meet your needs!

BE CAREFUL! Some transporters handle your freight several times before it is delivered. This is called cross-docking. (A local truck picks up the freight and takes it to their terminal. It is off-loaded and re-loaded on a long-haul truck. Then it is off-loaded again at a terminal close to the destination before it is re-loaded on a local truck for delivery.)

Our commitment is to inform you if any cross-docking will occur to your freight.  In most cases, large LTL (over 4 pallets or 8’ of deck space) will be picked up and delivered on the same truck! We know that the minimal number of times your freight is handled reduces the risk of damage.

Generally additional charges will apply on Van LTL shipments that require:

+ Lift-gate and/or pallet-jack service
+ Inside pickups or deliveries
+ Residential pickups or deliveries
+ Crating or palletizing

Don’t be fooled by companies that offer large discounted rates! Their rates are set high and discounts offered as a marketing tool. You owe it to yourself to get a rate from us to see how we compare to our competitor’s “discounted” rates.



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