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Heavy Hauling

Stepdeck Trailer


This trailer is used to haul units that are too high for standard flatbed trailers to transport safely down the highway. Single Drop Trailers (a.k.a. Step Deck Trailers) can transport pieces up to 10′ high and are also available in air ride.


The most versatile trailer in specialized transportation, stepdecks are usually 48′ or 53′ long with lower deck length of 37′ to 43′, and heights as low as 32″ or 36″, more commonly found at 38″ to 42″. The extendable stepdeck stretches to fit those long loads, with lower deck lengths possible up to 61′.



Double Drop Trailer


This trailer is used to haul material that is too high for a standard flatbed or stepdeck trailer. The Double-Drop Trailer can transport units up to 50′ in length and 11’6″ in height without a permit – higher with permits. This trailer is available with Air Ride. We can also arrange transportation for shipments greater than 11’6” high.

Double-drop trailers have a low deck in the center, known as the “well”, to accommodate high loads that would be too tall on other trailers. Length of the well is usually 25′ to 30′, with deck heights as low as 12″ but more often 18″ to 24″. The extendable double-drop has the added capability of extending the length of the well to as much as 50′to 53′.


Lowboy Trailer


This trailer is generally used to haul heavy machinery or other types of commodities that require them to be driven on or off.  Permits are required for any load over 8’6” wide and pilot cars required in most states over 10’, with two pilot cars required over 12’.

Commonly known in the industry as a “detach”, this trailer is mainly used for hauling construction equipment, cranes, forklifts, and other self-propelled equipment that can be driven on and off. The goosneck detaches and is pulled away from the lower deck along with the tractor, clearing the way to drive the load onto the trailer. The RGN is found in various configurations of deck types (flat floor, beam, or drop side), lengths, and heights, and variable configurations of axles. We will get available to fit your load.


Multi-Axle Combination Trailers


The really heavy loads get moved on these high capacity trailers. They are available in many combinations of decks, axles and spacings. We can match one to your specific requirements.

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