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Value Added Services


We take pride in the services we have offered our customers since 1992. In addition to simply arranging pick ups an deliveries, All-Ways Trucking offers the following VALUE ADDED SERVICES:



Whether you need a Van Shippment, Flatbed Shipment , Heavy Hauling Stepdeck Trailer or Heavy Hauling Multi-Axle trailer shipping full or Partial Shipments in the continental United States, Canada or Mexico, All-Ways Trucking has the availability and experience to provide the right trailer for you. We also provide the same coverage for shipments just needing Power Only service.



Rather than calling several trucking companies to schedule one or more pickups, one call to All-Ways Trucking puts our entire team of account representatives to work for you. Through extensive research and business development, we have learned the traffic patterns of many of the nations largest carriers. Matching these carriers with your traffic patterns gives us the depth necessary to keep trucks on schedule no matter how large the order.



One of the key components we offer is secondary insurance or “contingent cargo coverage” on every load we move. In addition to the sub-hauler’s primary insurance coverage, All-Ways Trucking provides a contingent cargo policy that may back up their insurance coverage if loss occurs. A peace of mind knowing there are two insurance policies riding along side your shipment – through your partnership with All-Ways Trucking – not just one!



In addition to verifying our carriers have more than adequate cargo and liability insurance in force, we also check their financial condition through Dunn & Bradstreet Credit Services to alleviate any potential problems that could hinder the delivery of your shipment.



Because we are not limited to the availability of a few carriers, we can provide a truck when busy carriers can’t. Our network of resources helps provide reliability on every order we take.



Whether your load is going across the state or across the country, one call to our toll-free number gets you our account representatives, trucking representatives, accounting department, and management team. This means no additional numbers or terminals to be transferred to.



Because our carrier resources are vital part of the success of this team effort, we take pride in the fact that we not only advance drivers if needed, but pay them fast. This means that in many instances the drivers are paid before we have received our compensation.



One toll-free call puts your claims process in motion. We understand our responsibility when an untimely claim occurs. Our claims department will take the full lead on all claims to ensure that parties are contacted, paperwork is correctly submitted, and most importantly your claim is processed with efficiency. (See our claim form page for more information)



To ensure your company gets the service you expect and deserve, we have put ourselves in a strong financial position to weather the storms of this ever-changing market. Dun & Bradstreet currently has rated us as a 2A1 company showing stability and longevity.



Call your account representative for list of some of our trade references for review. We encourage you to interview them as to the benifits of doing business with Allways Trucking. Whether we are an extension of their traffic department or handle all their freight, we know our experience can work the same for you!


All-Ways Trucking is a nationwide transportation company serving the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as international lanes. We provide truckload, LTL (partial shipments), flatbed, containers, 48 & 53′ vans, power-only, rail, air-ride, over-dimensional loads, rigging services, ocean freight, emergency services, and much more.


If you would like to experience what a business relationship is like with people who are friendly, knowledgeable, ethical, reliable, and have the integrity you not only expect, but deserve – give us a call at 800-888-6230 or go to our contact us page for a specific employee.

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